Flight Engineer

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Crestview, Florida
Posted 12 months ago

Job Description:

Perform as a rated Flight Engineer (FE) and crew member on an L-382G for Gulf Air Group, Inc. Computes a range of performance data; operates and monitors aircraft systems, controls and indicators (fuel, electrical, hydraulic, pressurization, engine, ventilation, APU, lubrication, CNS systems); and maintains/records a range of aircraft and company records.

Job Requirements

Experience & Basic Flight Qualifications:

Applicants must have prior C-130/P-3/L-382 flying experience with a minimum of 1,500 flying hours, preferred FEs will have 500 hours tactical flying experience, to include but not limited to airdrop, short-field airland, and nighttime operations under NVGs. Also, applicants must have held a flying position (civil or military) within the preceding year and have international flight experience. Candidates will have familiarity with aircraft, airmen, airspace and operating FARs, to include having knowledge with a range of aviation best practices, concepts and procedures.

Essential Job Functions & Skills:

• Perform as an L-382G rated FE, to include operating for a Part 125/121 operation
• Applicants must have and maintain an FAA Class II medical
• Must be current with all flight related FAA regulations
• Must be able to travel overseas 4-7 months per year; in 45-60 day blocks
• Ensure flights are conducted in the safest manner possible; determining all flight/mission/risk parameters
• Must be able to operate aircraft into and out of sparsely populated mountainous/desert terrain and heavily populated urban areas often under adverse conditions
• At times live in austere or sub-standard living conditions overseas
• Applicant must be able to perform other duties as assigned by the Chief FE or Gulf Air management
• Must maintain currency/proficiency as an FE on an L-382G
• Work at varying cabin altitudes and conditions performing crewmember duties
• Perform job tasks in a variety of environmental conditions, in hot and cold temperatures (<32 degree F and >90 degrees F), at high elevations, in dusty conditions, for extended
and irregular hours, near fumes, in stressful conditions, under high noise conditions
• Must be able to prepare written documentations such as daily flight reports, log sheets, gripe sheets, test reports, and other company reports with clear and concise thoughts, proper
sentence structure, punctuation and grammar
• Applicant must adhere to all corporate policies, procedures, company goals and priorities, company core values and practices (Employee Reference Guide and other company standards)
• Applicant must successfully complete and maintain all individual and unit level tactical and professional development assigned by the Chief FE or Gulf Air management
• Applicant must perform all essential job functions, standards, and currency/proficiency requirements define in the job req. and standards; that is, unless there is a documented medical
accommodation (if the employees cannot maintain or achieve Gulf Air standards, the officer may be released).
• FEs will perform visual aircraft inspections, scheduled or non-scheduled; computes a wide range of performance numbers; support maintenance activities; operate and monitor aircraft system
controls, quickly respond to any/all indicators/conditions, emergency or not
• Must be familiar with laws regarding EEO and workplace behavior
• Shall be customer focused
• Shall be familiar with workplace safety and hazardous material policies and programs

Technical Skills:

• Must be skilled in use of computers and wireless technology
• Must be able to utilize standard business software applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook
• Must be able to read, digest and thoroughly understand pilot AFM and associated performance data, aircraft systems, technical manuals/publications, and other associated aircraft data
• Must be able to manually and/or with electronic aids compute flight/mission points, aircraft weight and balance, all performance data, and simple aerodynamics equations among others
• Must be able to navigate by means of map or electronic navigation devices to flight department and FAA standards

Professional Certs./Licenses:

• Must possess a FAA Flight Engineer Certificate
• Turbo Prop Propeller Certificate
• Airframe and Power Plant Certificate is desired
• A Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit is desirable, but not required
• Must have current FAA Class II medical
• Valid US drivers license and passport

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