Gulf Air Group, Inc. is a Florida based aviation business operating under 14 CFR Parts 145 and 125. We specialize in the maintenance and operation of the L-382, providing multi-mission large aircraft solutions for maintenance, cargo, technical expertise, and research (RDT&E) for clients worldwide.

Gulf Air brings over 25 years of expertise to clients requiring maintenance for and operational employment of large aircraft. 

Our business focuses on high-quality, low-volume maintenance across the entire L-382-series of airplanes through our 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station. Our expertise is founded on the professionalism of our personnel and managed through the highest standards-based processes. Gulf Air is a provider of skilled operators and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) offering innovative, problem solving solutions for our clients, senior leaders, government and industry decision makers, and commercial institutions to achieve measurable, positive results. 

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